Philanthropist Chris Skarakis is engaged in a number of worthy causes serving those in the greater Bay Area community. Though he first got his start working as a financial and strategic analyst for firms like Silicon Graphics and Netscape, he has been involved in the technology sector since 1999 when he first started working as Google’s Director of Business Development. Since leaving Google in 2004, he has remained a presence in the tech and science fields by acting as an angel investor for start-up companies and a board member for the Friends of Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo, which not only runs a zoo and discovery museum, but supports science education programs in under-privileged schools who have had to cut their science curriculum. In addition to these ventures, Mr. Skarakis has a genuine love for music that has come to play a role in his personal, charitable, and business lives. Chris enjoys playing the guitar in his spare time and has been playing with children at his local elementary school for more than a decade now. In fact, he actually wrote the 2nd grade musical that has been played at Woodside Elementary School for the past several years. Though he also plays the guitar in a number of bands, he devotes a significant amount of his time to the music education charity Little Kids Rock (LKR). At LKR, Chris and the rest of the board work to bring music education, instruments, and instructions to schools without music programs. In terms of his continued business life, Skarakis has also made time to co-found record label start-up Fuzz/ and music management company Powersniff, LLC. Aside from his interests in technology, science, music, and children’s education, Chris Skarakis is an avid biker and surfer who is happiest outdoors or when spending quality time with those in his life who matter most.