Christopher Skarakis has worked as a financial analyst for a number of companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, he is best known for what he has done since leaving Silicon Graphics. First, Mr. Skarakis was responsible for creating a number of financial models for Netscape as well as helping coordinate the Netscape portal, which required a $100 million content deal with Excite and grew to include a series of web browsers. Second, from 1999 to 2004, Chris Skarakis served as Director of Business Development for Google. As one of Google’s first employees, Christopher created and maintained most of the tech and search giant’s wireless relationships. Specifically, thanks to his fostering of ties with major libraries from New York Public Library to Oxford, Google was able to complete its lofty book-scanning operation goals. While Chris clearly has a number of honed technical and interpersonal skills, his accomplishments would not have been possible without his passion for technology and education. Since leaving Google, he has taken his interest in education to a new level by supporting and helping direct projects for the Friends of Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo (JMZ) and the organization Little Kids Rock (LKR). One of the major goals of JMZ is to increase access to science education among public school children who have had to see their science programs cut. Similarly, LKR focuses on providing music education to under-privileged students whose elementary schools no longer have to means to fund music programs. In addition to Christopher’s interest in children and education, he is a personal fan of both playing and listening to music. While he has co-founded both a music management company and record label start-up, he himself plays in a few local bands as well as volunteers his time playing the guitar at nearby elementary schools. In fact, he even wrote the musical that has been performed by the 2nd grade class at Woodside Elementary School every year. Sharing his love of music is extremely important to Chris Skarakis, and he plans to continue working with LKR to provide instruments and music teachers to under-privileged students.